We deliver insightful outputs that drive narrative.

Our data services provide a comprehensive array of performance data capture, analysis and feeds built around a core Business Intelligence (BI) system. Our capture capability enables us to source any form of dataset from live timing & sports results to audience-generated poll data utilising a variety of technology platforms.

At the heart of our analytics is a BI resource that allows our analysts to ETL large datasets and to write queries that deliver insightful outputs that drive narrative.

Our analysts bring practical know-how to their work, which means we ask the right questions. For instance, a current Head of Strategy for a leading Formula One team leads our motorsport analytics, bringing senior practitioner knowledge from the pitwall to our data.

Our data services are supplied to our clients in a variety of different formats from XML to BI dashboards that provide on-the-fly insight while play is in progress.

Our studio, working in tandem with our analysts and editorial team, provide a wide range of infographics and visualised data in page-ready static formats.

For specific technical information about Compelo’s XML, APIs, dashboards and infographics, see our product listings.

And for product solutions ranging from APIs to widgets, please see Solutions Development.

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