Building a strategy for delivery and amplification.

At Compelo, we firmly believe producing strong content simply isn’t enough if you don’t have a strategy for delivery and amplification.

That’s why we’ve developed a strong capability to seed content into two key ways, firstly via a comprehensive distribution network to media, and secondly, on a disintermediated basis via social media channels to engage consumers directly.

These approaches are not exclusive and our strategy for clients often requires the strategic and co-ordinated use of both approaches.

For traditional media, Compelo operates one of the largest specialist content aggregation platforms in motorsport, with over 1,500 tier one international media using our website to source information from sports ranging from Formula One to Le Mans. We also have a best-in-class press content distribution platform, and global media lists for 10,000 sports media around the world, to enable us to syndicate your content to drive editorial coverage.

Our approach to social media is integrated into this thinking. Not only do we have the capacity to format our data and editorial content for use in social channels, but we maintain outreach to one of the most extensive social media sports influencer networks with the capacity to reach elective sports audiences numbering over 500 million at the last count via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Compelo’s distribution tools include the Motorsport Newsroom and Press Release Manager, with dedicated partnerships in place for photographic and video distribution with Alamy, Thomson Reuters and AP/SNTV.

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